This Is Why You Shouldn’t Make Decisions In Anger

In this easy-to-read, in-depth 8 minute article you will learn why you shouldn’t make decisions in anger, Barbara Fredrickson and the broaden-and-build theory, and real-world examples of how and why anger and negative, raw emotion shuts down your mind and limit the options available to you. There was once a young boy who had a very bad uncontrollable temper. His father, one day, being the … Continue reading This Is Why You Shouldn’t Make Decisions In Anger

Self-Love Isn’t Selfish

Self-love isn’t selfish and here’s why: When on a plane the flight attendant will tell you, “should oxygen be needed at any time during this flight a mask will fall from above. If that is to happen, it’s important for you to secure your own mask first, before assisting those around you.”  Yes, even if it’s your little girl, boy, brother, sister, mom, dad, or … Continue reading Self-Love Isn’t Selfish