Never Give Up: The 400 Year Chase

Never Give Up: The 400 Year Chase

Hawaii, which we all know today as a luxurious getaway, was once just an unknown island hiding its beauty from the rest of the world. The island, itself, wasn’t discovered until around AD 1000—by a group of seafaring Polynesians who explored and inhabited many of the other islands in the South Pacific as well. 

If you were to look at a globe, if you were to look at a map of the world, it’s pretty clear to see that Hawaii is incredibly isolated and is one of the most secluded spots on the entire planet. It’s pretty amazing that it was discovered without the use of technology (at all) so early on, but just how it was discovered is even more amazing.

Never Give Up: The 400 Year Chase

Back on the Marquesas Island, which is about 2500 miles away from Hawaii, the Polynesians noticed a small bird called the Golden Plover. This bird, as the Polynesians noticed, migrated north into open water every single year. It is because of that they knew land had to be out there—somewhere, they just didn’t know how far, the bird(s) would not migrate in that direction if there were no land.

So, each year, the Polynesians would set out on their quest to find land and would attempt to follow the birds. I say attempt, because that’s what they did, many times, more often than not, they were not successful. The birds were very fast and it was difficult to keep up with them and their speed. When they would lose track of the birds they would have to turn around and try again. Every year they did this. They would try, fail, try again, fail, on and on this would go picking off from the previous year. 

The Discovery

According to record, it took the Polynesians a staggering 400 years to finally reach the island(s) of Hawaii! 

400 YEARS! 

Generation after generation, they would try, try, try and try again. On and on until they finally succeeded. 

Think of it this way; some were chasing a dream that their great, great, great, great, grandfather was chasing. But they all never gave up. They continued to persist, they continued to believe until their dream—their vision was finally realized. Next time you believe you have been working long and hard on one of your goals and are seeing little to no progress think of this story. 

The Message 

Determination and perseverance ALWAYS pay off and ALWAYS will. You may not see the results in 1 day, 1 year, 3 years, whatever. But one day you will, one day you will see all the hard work you have put in and you’ll reap the rewards, big time. 

The Polynesians could have given up after 200 years, 100 years, or even 1 year. But they didn’t? Why? Because it was important enough to them. They believed in what they were going after and they didn’t give up and I don’t believe they ever would have either. If you quit you have no chance. If you don’t, if you fight, if you persist you’ll always have a chance. The universe tends to favor those who push on. 


Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.

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