This Is How You Develop Self-Discipline

How To Develop Self-Discipline

I am sure you have probably heard before that your level of success is determined by your level of discipline, and that’s 100% true. So, how do you develop discipline? 


Discipline, much like anything is not so much a skill or even a talent but more so a practice that can be developed. In fact, the very definition of discipline is, “the practice of training to obey rules or code of behavior.” You develop more and more discipline through repetition and consistently doing what needs to be or should be done, not just what you “feel” like doing. If we only worked on the days we felt like it nothing would ever get done, right? 

The more you exercise this practice and obey the rules or code of behavior the more disciplined you become. And here’s the amazing part, you are in full control, it’s all in your hands. You are the one who needs to discipline yourself and you are the one who sets the rules and provides yourself with an obligation to accomplish something within a specific timeframe. 


Getting up at 4 or even 5 am on a Saturday morning to read or go to the gym requires discipline. Not everyone can (they can) and will do it—it’s not easy and can be difficult. It’s much easier to hit the snooze button and go back to bed, but the more you do what needs or even should be done—whether you feel like doing it or not, the more disciplined you become. When you begin to do what needs to be done no matter the circumstance, no matter the time, day of the week, how you feel, what you did the day before, whatever. None of that matters. When you begin to do what needs to be done no matter what, that is when you begin to develop self-discipline. Keyword, “self” it’s up to you. 

Discipline is not developed or exercised on the good days, the easy days, the days that everything is going right, or the lazy days, no—discipline is developed on the difficult days, the days that nothing is going right, the days you feel like shit and really don’t want to go to the gym but in spite of that you go anyway. Why? Because you know that’s what you should do, you are willing to forgo temporary pleasure for long-term results. And when you are able to that, when you are able to put what you need to do ahead of what you want to do, that is when your life changes. That right there, is how you develop self-discipline. Put what you need to do ahead of what you want to do. Forgo temporary pleasure and temporary satisfaction for long-term results and long-term success. 


We have plenty of articles on the topic of goals and we even have a book as well, called Art Of The Goal. If you have read our countless articles on the subject of goals or even our book then you know that goals are a huge part of developing self-discipline.

When you write your big, I mean really big, out of this world big, audacious, scary goals down you provide an obligation to yourself. When that happens, if you excited yourself enough, if you engaged the mind, body, and spirit you will likely do whatever is asked and make progress when needed. So once again I say, “if we never did what we didn’t want to do, we would never get anything done.”

When you have goals when you have somewhere to be and something to do, you have no time to waste, no time for procrastination, no time for negative people, thoughts or energy. You know what you desire and what you need to do. You have every second accounted for and every minute planned. Nothing and no one distracts you. 


If you want to develop self-discipline put your future ahead of the present, hold yourself accountable, set goals, and do what needs to be done not just what you feel like doing. Push yourself and keep your eyes forward on where you are going and who you can become. 

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